This Is How a Bra Should Fit

Ah, the bra fitting. Starting with your first training bra to today’s overwhelming selection of options from the mall to online, finding the right fit, including style, shape and sizing can be a challenge. Something that seems so simple can often be quite confusing, so let’s break down the four keys to solving bra fit issues once and for all: band, straps, cups, and underwire.

How Should a Bra Fit?
For a truly perfect fit, all four parts of the bra need to do their respective jobs in unison. The band, which is actually responsible for most of the support, holding your bra in place. The straps, which serve to keep the cups next to your body instead of pulling away. The cups, which should fully hold your breast tissue, without any gaping or spilling over. And, the underwire, if you choose this style, which should rest on your body, behind, rather than on, the breast tissue.




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